How can I contact Travee.

You can contact us via email info@travee.travel,live chat or call us at +603 20706055 to talk with one of our travel experts.

Travel Products ( What all travel products can I buy online )

You can buy our various travel products like Holidays, Tours, Hotel, Flights, Car – self drive or airport transfers and others. Refer home page of our website to see the listing of products.

Holiday (How can I buy a holiday/tour online? )

You can select the holiday/tour of your choice and submit your interest to us.

How Can I create my own holiday?

All holiday packages can be customized for you. You can select from the hotel to number of days to the sights you would like to see. OR you could let our travel experts know your preference and we would design a perfect holiday for you.

What if I can’t decide where to go?

Based on your liking our travel experts have many options for you to choose from.

How do I find the available destinations?

We have summarized all available destination information on our website. If you have any other location in mind feel free to contact us.

Can I book a trip for a solo traveller?

Yes, it is possible to book an itinerary for a solo traveler.

Why can’t I change the duration in my group tour?

Some tours have a fixed itinerary and are not available for online customization.
You may customize your trip separately.We would be happy to provide you with a customized trip.

Do I get confirmation of my booking?

Yes. After placing the booking, you will receive an email confirming the details of your trip.

How far in advance should I book?

We suggest at least a six-week notice period for tour bookings in order to ensure that the trip components you have requested are available.

I am planning to travel with children, do you offer special travel packages?

We offer holidays for families with kids. Our travel expert would be able to guide you.

Do you offer a child’s discount?

Please note that the prices for children vary depending on which country you are travelling to. Most countries consider children as up to the age of 12. Our system will automatically calculate the price based on the configuration of guests travelling, but please note that sometimes our travel expert will need to amend it based on individual requests.

When do I receive my final travel documents?

After your booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation with all services listed. Your final travel documents, including any necessary vouchers, will be sent to you a few weeks before your departure.

Can I add additional travellers to an existing booking?

Yes we would add more people where ever there is space available.

I have special dietary requirements.

Please inform the travel expert requesting your tour about any specific dietary requirements. Our travel experts will do their best to cater for these requirements and inform you about the options.

Can I amend the booking?

In case you want to edit your trip after having received the confirmation, please contact your travel expert. Please note that any amendments to your booking at this stage may incur amendment/cancellation fees.

Can I cancel the booking?

Yes, you can. However please be aware that from the moment your holiday is confirmed our company’s cancellation policy applies to any partial/full cancellations. The respective cancellation policy is mentioned in your booking confirmation.
If you are forced to cancel your holiday, please get in touch with our local expert and follow their advice.

What if I need to change something in my itinerary during my trip?

Please contact our travel expert to discuss any changes with them.

What happens if one of my booked services is unavailable due to bad weather or any other circumstance?

You could contact our travel expert to guide you.

How can I tell people about the amazing trip I’ve just had?

Feel free to share your excitement in our review form and in our questionnaires. We reserve the right to publish these reviews under your first name and last name initial.

Who should I contact in case of a complaint?

Please contact us immediately in case you are not happy with the standard of the service you have received. we will be happy to assist you.

How can I book domestic or International flight on Travee website

You could go to the flight section and book your ticket. The search section would give you many options to choose from. For any queries you could contact us.

How can I cancel or change my flight booking

Please note that any changes in the flight would be governed by airline rule. Our travel expert would be able to guide you.

How do I book flight or Hotel online on Travee website
How do I book a flight and hotel

Booking online with Travee is extremely simple through these 6 steps:

  1. Search your flight/hotel by entering destination/duration of stay in the search box.
  2. Choose your preferred flight/hotel from the search results by clicking 'Book Now'.
  3. Details of your flight/hotel booking will be displayed and you will need to confirm it.
  4. Fill in the required contact and passenger/guest details, and then
  5. Choose your preferred payment method and proceed with your transaction.
  6. You will receive your e-ticket/hotel voucher once your payment details have been confirmed.

How do I get my e-ticket or hotel voucher? Will a receipt be issued

There are 2 ways in which you can access your e-ticket or hotel voucher:

  1. After completing your transaction, you may download the e-ticket or hotel voucher by clicking on 'Download'. You can then either print or save a softcopy of the e-ticket/hotel voucher.
  2. Your e-ticket or hotel voucher (including receipt) will also be emailed to you as an attachment.

I booked a flight for 2 adults and 1 child, but why does it only show the price for 1 passenger?

The prices shown on search results are for 1 adult passenger. To view the total, click on ‘Learn how much you save’ below the price. The Total Price is also shown in Price Details of your booking form.

May I know which airlines have already included Passenger Service Charge (PSC) or airport tax in their ticket?

ALL airlines have already included the PSC or airport tax in their ticket, so the price you see on your Travee e-ticket is final

I found several promo flight tickets on the Internet, newspapers and Travee blog, but I couldn't find it in the search results. Why is that so?

This may happen due to the limited number of promo tickets. To ensure that you receive the promo ticket, it is best to book immediately, or as soon as the offer appears in the search results.

Why do ticket prices change from time to time?

To provide you with a seamless flight booking experience, the ticket price information is internally stored on a temporary basis. Hence, when you move to the payment page, prices may occasionally change as it adjusts to the airline's system.

Why is it that ticket prices for international routes change regularly?

Ticket prices for international routes may change due to the fluctuation of exchange rates and price updates from airlines.

Has insurance been included in the ticket price?

Whether or not a ticket has included insurance depends on the airline policy. To purchase add-ons such as insurance, you could let our travel expert guide you.

Are the prices for children and infant different?

According to the international flight regulation, there are 3 categories of passenger: Adult (age 12 and above), Children (age 2-12) and Infant (below age 2). Prices per category may vary depending on the airline policy. Please contact the airline directly for more detailed information.

Flight Booking:
Are the prices for children and infant different?

According to the international flight regulation, there are 3 categories of passenger: Adult (age 12 and above), Children (age 2-12) and Infant (below age 2). Prices per category may vary depending on the airline policy. Please contact the airline directly for more detailed information.

How do I obtain my ticket once I have completed the payment process?

Once transaction is completed, an e-ticket (electronic ticket) will be sent to your email. Make sure that you have booked with a valid email address. The e-ticket can be printed .

I have accidentally deleted my e-ticket email, what should I do?

You can download your e-ticket at ‘my account’ whenever you want.
Before that, log in to your Travee account, then click on ‘Detail’ button. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here. Member registration is completely free, and it can give you special discounts PLUS other member-only priorities.

Web Check-in
I How can I perform a web check-in?

  1. Visit the airline web check-in page:
  2. Enter your Booking Reference or Passenger Last Name
  3. Complete the web check-in details.
  4. After completing web check-in, print your boarding pass.

General Flight Information
Would a domestic flight with an overseas transit require a passport?

Yes. Passport is required for a domestic flight with an overseas transit.

My passport validity is less than 6 months. Is it still valid for international flights?

We're sorry, but your passport may be invalid for international flights. Please check the definitive rules in your destination country and also the issuing country of your passport.

At what age is a baby allowed to fly?

Each airline has different policies for infant passenger. Please visit our airlines pages or contact the airline directly to be sure about it.

Cancellation, Refund, Reschedule & Change of Name
How do I cancel a purchased ticket and get a refund?

All refunds must be processed through Travee. Find out more about the procedure including airline call center numbers on the Refund FAQ page. (listing of all airlines refund policy)
By submitting a refund, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Do I always get a refund for ticket cancellation?

Several airlines such as AirAsia, Citilink, Firefly, Jetstar and Tigerair only provide refunds for cancellations by airline. Promo tickets are non-refundable. Please make sure that you have read and understood the airline's policy.
If you experience any difficulties, please contact our call center at

How do I reschedule my flight?

Each airline has different policies and procedures for rescheduling. Please refer to each airline's policy.

I did not enter my name correctly, how do I change it?

Changing passenger names is possible, but only for certain airlines. Please refer to each airline's policy on the Refund FAQpage.

Can I choose a different hotel to the one proposed in a trip?

Yes, for most of the trips the local experts provide a selection of alternative hotels. You can talk to us for more details.

Why can’t I change the duration of stay?

Some tours have a fixed itinerary and are not available for online customization. However please specify your wishes to our travel expert and they will try to build a perfect trip for you.

How can I find the perfect hotel for my destination?

If you don't know which hotel you should choose in your destination city, simply type the name of your destination city. The results will show the hotels in that area. You can also filter the results based on the rating, prices and popularity - which may be helpful in your quest for the perfect hotel.

How do I find the hotel's phone number?

The hotel's phone number is displayed on the hotel voucher from Travee.

How do I check hotel room prices?

Hotel room prices will be displayed in the search results after you have selected the duration of your stay and clicked 'Search'.

Is it possible to book a room for tonight?

Yes it is, but do find out the hotel’s check-in policy. Also, we suggest that you inform the hotel about your late check-in to prevent problems during check-in.

How do I view the available hotels on the dates I have selected?

Search results will automatically show the hotels available on your selected dates.

Is it possible to search for hotels based on my budget?

Yes. After you have selected a destination and indicated the duration of your stay, you may filter search results based on prices, review score and popularity.

Is Can I search for hotels around a certain area or landmark?

Yes. You can find hotels around a certain area or landmark by typing the name of the area or landmark directly in the search box. When the results appear, you can use 'Filter by' to get more specific results (e.g. filter by distance from landmark).

How do I find the hotel address?

The hotel address is shown below the hotel name on each hotel page and on your hotel voucher.

How can I find out about the maximum number of guests for each room

The maximum capacity of each room is shown on the hotel page, after you click 'See rooms now'.

How do I find out about the hotel facilities (i.e. WiFi, swimming pool, etc.)?

Hotel facilities are displayed on the hotel page, right below the list of room prices.

Room Type
What does "non-refundable" or "free cancellation" mean?

"Non-refundable" means that there won’t be any refund for any cancelled booking. "Free cancellation" means that you will be given a refund if the cancellation is done within the stipulated time.

Hotel Rate
What does each price include?

All facilities displayed on the hotel page are included in the price shown. Complete information can be found on the booking page, confirmation page and your confirmation email.

On the hotel page, are the prices listed on a per-night or per-guest basis?

All the prices listed on the hotel page are on a per-night basis, but some hotels charge by per-guest basis.

Does the price include breakfast?

This may vary depending on the hotel policy and room type. The breakfast icon will appear if the price includes breakfast.

What does it mean when a price has a strike-through on it?

It means the price has become cheaper than the normal price offered by the hotel.

Does Travee offer a special price for its members?

Yes, from time to time we offer special price and deals exclusively for Travee members.

Booking Process
How do I submit a special request (i.e. airport transfer, room with beach view, extra bed, etc.):?

You can submit a special request in your booking form. Once submitted, your request will be further processed by the hotel.

Can I book a hotel for half a day (e.g. from morning to evening)?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The minimum duration of stay is one day.

Hotel Policy
Does Travee have any partnerships with hotels?

Yes, Travee has direct partnership with hotels. Besides that, Travee also partners with other official third parties.

Can I still check-in if I arrive at the hotel way later than the check-in time?

Yes. You can still check-in for late arrival. However, we suggest that you inform the hotel in advance about your late arrival.

How do I see the check-in/check-out time of each hotel?

You can see the check-in/check-out time at the description section of each hotel page and on your hotel voucher.

How do I find information about the hotel facilities?

Hotel facilities are displayed on each hotel page or room type. To obtain the complete hotel description, please click on 'Hotel facility' on Hotel Info below the 'Book Now' button.

How do I book a smoking room if the only options are non-smoking rooms?

If you cannot find any smoking rooms, this means that the hotel may not provide any. Please contact the hotel directly to be sure.

Do hotels allow guests to bring pets?

This depends on the hotel policy. This information can be found in the Hotel Description of each hotel page.

Hotel Facility
How do I reserve a parking space?

If the hotel has a parking lot, we suggest that you contact the hotel directly prior to your stay for parking reservation.

How do I know if a hotel provides shuttle services? How do I request for one?

This information is provided in the Hotel Description of each hotel page. We suggest that you contact the hotel directly if, for example, you need to be picked up at the airport.

Is it possible to leave my luggage at the hotel before check-in or after check-out?

Some hotels have luggage storage facilities. To find out if your hotel has one, please find out from the Hotel Description or contact the hotel directly.

How do I know if the hotel is disabled-friendly?

This information is shown in the Hotel Description of each hotel page. If it isn't shown, this may mean that the hotel does not provide facilities for the disabled. Please contact the hotel directly for further information.

Booking Confirmation
How do I know whether my booking has been confirmed?

Once your payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email. The email contains your hotel voucher and itinerary details.

Cancellation & Change
Will I be charged for cancelling my booking?

Each hotel and each room has a different cancellation policy. Please make sure of this in the confirmation email from Travee.

Where can I find the cancellation policy?

The booking cancellation policy can be found on the hotel booking page. When you have completed the transaction, this information can be found in the confirmation email from Travee.

How do I know if my booking has been cancelled?

You will receive an email regarding booking cancellation. Please check your email including your spam folder or contact us directly.

I booked a room that does not include free breakfast. How do I request for breakfast?

This can be done at check-in. You may have to pay extra and each hotel has different rates for breakfast. Please check with the hotel directly to be sure of this.

Guest Review
I How do I submit a hotel review?

You will receive an email from us a few days after you have checked out which will guide you on how to review your hotel stay.

Can everyone write a review?

Yes. Everyone who has booked a hotel through Travee will receive an email to review their hotel stay.

Can I revise my review?

Unfortunately, you cannot revise the review that has been submitted.

Why hasn't my review been published?

We're really sorry about that. It could be that your review contains inappropriate comments that may offend or cause any issues related to ethnic, social groups, religion and race. If it is an error on our part, or should you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Service.

How can I give feedback on the holiday package

You could submit it via our feedback form.

Do I need to pay at the time of booking?

Yes, we take the full payment at the time of booking.

How secure is your online payment facility?

All payments made on this website are processed through a secure payment gateway.

Is my personal and payment data secure?

Yes. We do not store any of your payment details on our server; your data is immediately transferred to a secure payment gateway.
The personal details you enter to book a trip will in no way be used and/or sold for any commercial purposes. Please note that you may choose to receive our newsletter and further information upon entering your email address.

What is the cancellation policy?

You will be able to access the booking terms of your trip at the final stage of the check-out process. The cancellation policy is part of the above mentioned booking terms.

General Payment Information
What is the cancellation policy?

You will be able to access the booking terms of your trip at the final stage of the check-out process. The cancellation policy is part of the above mentioned booking terms.

My credit card transaction was unsuccessful. How could this happen?

Sometimes, it takes longer to process your payment. If your first transaction was unsuccessful, please refresh your page and retry making your payment. Should you need further information, please contact our Customer Service at

Why should I enter the one-time password (OTP) to proceed with my transaction? I've never had to do this before.

Sometimes, your credit card issuing bank needs to verify your transaction to ensure that you are the credit card owner. Rest assured that all these are done to ensure the security of your payment.

How will I receive the one-time password (OTP) to complete my payment?

The one-time password (OTP) will be sent via SMS by the issuing bank of your credit card. After you have received the password, please enter it immediately to ensure a smooth transaction.

Can I remove the credit cards that I have registered?

Yes, of course. You can delete, add, or change the credit card details which you have registered at any time, because your convenience is our priority.

Do I need to pay to subscribe to Travee’snewsletter?

Travee newsletter subscription is free of charge. By subscribing, you will receive information about discounts, best deals and other important updates about Travee via email.