Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. Additional Charges & Refunds

  1. Each Price Listed On The Site Is Only Available With Certain Conditions And These Prices May Change Depending On The Availability Of Booking, Length Of Booking And/Or Other Factors. Available Prices Can Include Additional Taxes And Other Charges, But In Certain Circumstances It May Not Include Taxes And Service Charges; The User Agrees That They Are Responsible For Verifying The Total Cost To Be Paid And Other Terms And Details When The Confirmation Email Is Sent. The User Must Verify The Booking On The Booking Sheet; The User Can Cancel The Booking At Any Time Before The Final Confirmation Is Done. Prices Shown Are Detailed So That Users Can See The Amount To Be Paid, Any Additional Costs Due To The Use Of Credit Cards Or Inter-Bank Fees Charged For The Shipping Fees Will Be Charged To The User. If There Is A Discrepancy In The Amount Paid, Will Provide An Email Notification Of The Amount To Be Paid By The User. In The Event That A User Cancels The Booking Before Paying In Full Any Existing Shortcomings, Has Sole Discretion Whether To Refund The Amount Paid Or Refund An Amount Reduced By The Costs Incurred By As A Result Of Non-Payment Of The Cost Of These Shortcomings By Users In Accordance With Procedures Prescribed By If The User Has Any Doubt About The Service, The User Can Contact Customer Service (During Customer Service Operational Hours). For Any Other Cancellations, Will Work With You To Refund Amounts Already Paid By You, Reduced By The Costs Incurred By, E.G. Inter-Bank Transfer Fees. Refunds May Not Be Immediate Depending On Your Initial Mode Of Payment. You Can Contact Customer Service For Further Details On The Estimated Duration For Receiving Your Refund And We Will Assist You As Best As We Can.
  2. Shall Not Be Held Responsible Or Liable For Any Cancelled Issuing Of E-Tickets Caused By Inaccurate Transfer Amounts, Or Exceeding The Time Limit For Transfers. For Real-Time Inter Bank Transfers, You Must Use An Atm. After Completing The Inter-Bank Transfer, Please Confirm Your Payment By Filling In The Payment Confirmation Form.

2. Cancellations

  1. By Making A Booking, Order Or Reservation Through The Site, You Accept And Agree To The Terms And Conditions Of Applicable Vendors, Including Policies Regarding Cancellation And/Or Absence, Or Your Specific Requests Which May Be Given To The Vendors. Is Not Responsible For Any Violation Of These Terms And Conditions Which Are Agreed On Between The Vendor And The User, Or Which Are Based On The User’s Specific Requests, So Please Read The Vendors’ Terms And Conditions Carefully.
  2. Regarding Refunds, May Be Able To Withhold Or Take Part Of The Amount Paid To Reimburse The Costs That Have Been Incurred In Connection With The Cancellation.

3. Payment By Credit Card & Fraud

  1. For Payment Of Bookings Placed Through This Site, Your Credit Card Will Be Billed By For The Full Price At The Time Of Booking And Confirmation Of The Booking (Any Refund That May Be Given Will Depend On The Conditions Of The Existing Reservations). You Must Check The Booking Details Thoroughly Each Time Before You Make A Reservation. Will Process Any Refund, As Applicable, Within A Reasonable Period. For Certain Reservations, You May Have To Pay The Vendor Deirectly. In Order To Safeguard And Encrypt Your Credit Card Information When In Transit To Us, We Use Encryption Technology Such As Transport Layer Security (“Tls”) Or Secure Sockets Layer (“Ssl”) To Ensure The Integrity Of Your Information.
  2. In The Case Of Credit Card Fraud Or Unauthorized Use Of Your Credit Card By A Third Party, You Must Contact Your Bank Or Card Issuer Immediately After Realizing Such Unauthorized Use. If You Suspect Any Unauthorized Reservations Or Fraud Committed On, You Must Contact Our Customer Service Team Immediately.
  3. To Make A Reservation You Must Be Aged Over Eighteen (18) Years Old And Have Full Legal Capacity To Make The Transaction (Or Have Authorization From Your Legal Guardian). You Must Use A Credit Or Debit Card That You Own, Issued In Your Name, And Make Sure That There Are Sufficient Funds To Cover The Transaction Costs. Any Fees Incurred By You For Authorizing A Transaction That Results In An Over-Drawing Of Your Account Are Not The Responsibility Of
  4. You Shall Ensure That The Details You Provide To Us Are Completely Accurate. Reserves The Right To Not Accept Certain Credit Cards. Can Add Or Remove Other Payment Methods At Our Sole Discretion.
  5. In Certain Cases, We May Require Additional Information Or Verification To Validate And Confirm The Booking, As Described In More Detail On The Site. Reservations Are Not Confirmed Until You Have Received A Confirmation Email With An E-Ticket Or Voucher And There Is The Possibility That The Vendor Can Implement Fraud Examination Mechanisms During The Booking Process. If Fraud Occurs Or Is Determined To Occur, Then The Booking Will Be Void. Shall Not Bear Any Responsibility For Such Cancellations By The Vendor. If You Choose Not To Submit Additional Information, Reservations Will Not Be Completed And Will Be Voided.